Become a Certified Tarot Reader

Positively transform your life and the lives of others as you tune into the sacred wisdom and messages found within the major and minor arcana.


Join me for one day of in-depth live and interactive learning. Discover a new found connection with your intuition as you dive into the sacred wisdom found within the 78 cards. Explore the divine tarot teachings through the magical world of self development and self mastery.

During the in-depth live and interactive session, you’ll work together with me in a live and interactive online classroom setting and also receive access to all 5 pre recorded courses, including all worksheets, videos and quizzes.

I will directly help you learn how to implement and put into action everything you've learned through out the 5 courses.

You'll experience the opportunity of learning the fundamentals of tarot. How to read tarot for yourself. You'll master the symbolism and layers within the cards. You'll learn how astrology and tarot are woven together and how to apply all this sacred knowledge through real life practice with other like minded individuals in a virtual classroom setting.

Learn Tarot tap into your intuition and discover the magic found within the cards


8 Hours of Live Hands On Learning

Work Directly With Charlene

History of Tarot

Minor Arcana + The Suits

Major Arcana

Tarot Card Meanings

Tuning into Psychic Abilities

Connecting with Inner Wisdom

Intuitive Tarot Reading

Understanding Imagery in Tarot

History of Astrology

Astrology and Tarot

Colours and Tarot

Symbolism in Tarot

And so much more…



✨You love helping and supporting others.

✨You feel called to start a spiritual business.

✨Tarot and other spiritual modalities deeply interest you.

✨You’re ready to connect with your inner wisdom.

✨You have a calling to learn tarot.

✨You feel like you have psychic abilities and want to uncover more.

✨You seek to deepen your spiritual relationship with source.

✨You’re looking to create stability and abundance in your life.

✨You have a thirst for knowledge and want to learn more about tarot.

✨You’re ready to be a leader in the spiritual community.

Course Investment


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This is a live online classroom setting. You'll work directly with Charlene and other students. You'll receive breaks throughout the day. Be prepared to learn, have fun and connect with the sacred wisdom of the universe.

You'll have access to the prerecorded modules ahead of time to help you prepare for the live classroom.

What You’ll need to Bring:

Tarot Deck
NoteBook & Pen
An Open Mind
Desire to Learn

Frequently Asked Questions
Can I get a refund if I'm unhappy with my purchase?
Due to the nature of this course you are only eligible for a partial refund. please contact us for more details.
My bundle includes a virtual live classroom. How do I join the classroom?
Upon purchasing a bundle that includes a live virtual class you'll receive further instructions on how to join the live virtual classroom setting.