Discover the woven secrets between tarot and astrology

In this pre-recorded course you will learn how deeply connected tarot and astrology truly are. As you embark on this journey of receiving sacred knowledge you will dive into the history of astrology, the astrological wheel, the zodiac signs and planets and how they are represented across the 78 cards that make up Tarot.

Immerse yourself in these esoteric teachings as you learn to embody the skills required to master your own personal astrology in order to best empower yourself and others.

You'll complete this course feeling enlightened with the deep understanding of the aspects, definitions, meanings, rulership and modalities that form the foundation of astrology and how it all manifests itself within the messages of the cards.

Embrace the cosmic dance of tarot and astrology, where celestial wisdom weaves a tapestry, revealing paths to self-discovery.

What's Included:

✦ Lifetime access to the course and all video lessons and PDF's

✦ History of Astrology

✦ Introduction to Astrology

✦ Astrology For Beginners

✦ The Signs, Planets, Modalities & Elements

✦ The Heavenly Bodies & Aspects

✦ Learn To Interpret Your Natal Chart

✦ Discover Astrology In The Minor Arcana

✦ Discover Astrology In The Major Arcana

✦ Awaken To The Bond Between Tarot & Astrology

✦ Unearth The Astrological Messages Found Within Tarot

Astrology Basics

Begin to master the study of the celestial bodies. You'll learn how the movements and relative positions found within the cosmos influence individuals and the collective. Through tuning into the celestial bodies you'll learn how to interpret the astrological messages.

Astrology + Tarot

Discover how deeply woven these two methods of divination truly are. As you learn Astrology you'll uncover the hidden astrological themes, symbols and messages found within Tarot. Empower yourself with the sacred knowledge to deepen your spiritual practice.

Signs & Planets

Awaken to the sacred characteristics and qualities that describe the signs and planets within our galaxy. Attune to the celestial bodies; their expression and their energy. Learn how their spirit shows up dependent on the sign and house they reside in.

Course Investment

Hello, I'm Charlene.

I'm a Spiritual Teacher and Empowerment Coach. Once upon a time I worked in the tech and media industry, that is until I aligned with my life purpose. I'm an Aries Sun, Pisces Moon and Rising.

I've been reading tarot for over 7 years and have been an astrology lover for over 20 years. We're currently a community of over 250,000 magic beings across Youtube and TikTok and I'm so grateful for all of you.

My ability to tap into the unseen realms with my intuition and psychic gifts makes me a great teacher. My bold and inspirational approach to difficulty in life makes me a great coach.

My mission in life is to help you remember your light so you can reclaim your power and shine bright.

Reading tarot positively changed my life. Understanding astrology helped me to align with my life purpose. By passing on my teachings to you I hope the scared knowledge can help you unlock your dream life too.